torsdag 5 maj 2011

My dear friend Ulrika

Yesterday when I logged in to my blog I discovered that the reader counter had skyrocked. Later on I discovered that my dear friend Ulrika back home had linked to my blog :)

She wrote that I am a DIY girl. But really, she is a real DIY girl herself. For those of you who knows Ulrika you may spot her on some the images in my kitchen. For those of you who doesn´t know Ulrika I can show you something she did and gave to me a long time ago before anyone knew what a blog was, before we knew what DIY was and back when her last name started with an S :)

So I just say a big welcome to all new visitors! 
Even though I do love interiour design and DIY, this is a blog for pictures from wherever I find nice angles to shoot with my camera. I do travel a lot in my work so if you stick around you will get to see pictures from mostly Sweden, but hey you never know where I´ll go next...

1 kommentar:

  1. Hihi, älskar att du har den kvar!!
    Tack vännen.