söndag 26 februari 2012

Bridges of Amsterdam by night

Seems like I can´t get enough of the bridges of Amsterdam... One of the bridges is the famous Magere brug, Skinny bridge.

tisdag 21 februari 2012


In the south of Holland (south of the rivers) they celebrate Carnival.
Each city has a special Carnival name that they use during the days of Carnival. 
So during Carnival ´s-Hertogenbosch is called Oeteldonk (= Frog Hill) and of course they need to rename the train station during these days!  :)

Each city has their own Carnival Prince.

And of course a real Prince needs horses :)

There were also real horses in the Parade - decorated in the city´s local Carnival colors of course!

And at Carnival there is a lot of confetti!

And the people really went all in!


And of course it is not a real Carnival without a lot of marching bands!

lördag 18 februari 2012

Houses of Amsterdam

I really love the characteristic buildings of Amsterdam. Aren´t they just lovely? 

On each side of the street...

Can you see the cat on the building?

Can you see the mouse on the building on the other side of the street?

Are you curious about the story behind the mouse and the cat and the bridge that was missing between the buildings?
Then you need to find the storytelling Captain of the tourist boat and go for the same lovely ride as I did. :)

Amsterdam - the city of bicycles!

Someone has got a baby...

The Dutch and their clogs...

Beautiful doors in Amsterdam


Photo-a-day #3 Something you adore

This is how it looks today.
It is weekend. I don´t have to go anywhere if I don´t want to. No deadlines to meet. Eating in front of the computer. Photoshopping and some good music.
I really like lazy days like this once in a while - and especially when the weather is crappy and I am having a little bit of fever and a cold coming up...

There is something about these bridges and their lights...