tisdag 30 augusti 2011

Summervacation 2011: Höga kusten (The high coast)

The high coast bridge both looks good and has breathtaking surroundings.  
More info here, here and here.


Summervacation 2011: Härnösand

Härnösand has lots of beautiful old buildings. More about the city here.

måndag 29 augusti 2011

Summervacation 2011: Sundsvall

Stopped at an old colleagues house for bed, breakfast and nice company! Thanks M.

söndag 28 augusti 2011

Summervacation 2011: Nynäs castle, our first stop

More about the castle here.

My vacation (more or less accurate)

I tried, really hard, to make an accurate map of our trip. But now my patience with Google map has ended. This map is almost correct, some other choices of roads but mostly everything is correct.
Totally 7400 kilometers (whereof 6480km was together with my friend A).

Visa Nordkap 2011 på en större karta

lördag 27 augusti 2011


I´m back from my vacation!
As I mentioned earlier I´ve bought a car and it has certainly been running these last weeks. All to all, I thing I have driven about 7400 km (~4600 miles), to the northmost of Scandinavia (The north cape, Norway) to the southmost of Sweden (Smygehuk, Sweden) . 
And the car (I call i "The pearl") has spun like a cat all the way! :)
I have quite a few images from these weeks (which I haven´t had the time to fix yet). So for now I´ll just show you some pics from my cell phone. A map and pics from my camera will come.

PS: I can see that there has been quite many of you visiting here whilst I´ve been away. Welcome and thanks for stopping by!